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Since version 2.7 the installer file isn't stored on the website. It's now stored on SourceForge.net, so use the left mouse button to start downloading the files. Also the source isn't stored in the package. It now have to be downloaded separate.

If you already have an earlier version of WinTVCap_GUI use the update function (Options->Check for Updates)

Version 3.7.0, released: 2015-01-08 18:30 CET

WinTVCap_GUI 3.7.0
WinTVCap_GUI 3.7.0 source code

The following files can be downloaded with right click->Save target as...

Documentation of the server mode
WinTVCap_GUI network remote
GUI_Settings_Editor: Enables you to change settings of WinTVCap_GUI direct. (Especially for changing of undocumented settings like mediainfo, crop, hcrop and wcrop, that are used to enable the automatically cropping of video files with VLC.)

JGoodies Looks 2.0.4 for WinTVCap_GUI

Napkin LookAndFeel.exe 1.0 for WinTVCap_GUI