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Profiles for the Extended Scheduler

Since the version 2.6 of WinTVCap_GUI it's really easy to setup the Extended Scheduler. You can download profiles direct in WinTVCap_GUI from the Internet. So use Options->Application settings or press A on the keyboard to open the settings of the Extended Scheduler. In that dialog simply click on Download profiles then you get a new dialog with all available profiles:

Image of the internet profile setup.

On the left side you can select the wanted profiles and then you press Install selected profiles to install them. For each profile the application settings dialog will be opened. Here you can change the path to the application to make it fit with your configuration.

You also can download the profile file here. Since version 3.1 of WinTVCap_GUI you can load the file from local file system for selection of the profiles.

If you've created a new profile for an other application please send it to me. (The profiles are stored in %userprofile%\.WinTVCap_GUI\ExtendedApps.set, send me the complete file that would be the easiest way.)