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The WinTVCap_GUI-Scheduler2 Plugin for TV-Browser

The TV-Browser is a free EPG. At the moment TV-Browser contains channels from the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Austria

Additional it allows to get even more channels with data plugins. For the moment (December 2008) there a three working foreign channel plugins:

  • SchedulesDirectData: Imports the channels from Schedules Direct
  • Radio Times Datenservice: Imports the channels from RadioTimes
  • DataHydra: Imports the channels from SweDB mainly Swedish channels, Mspc: channels from Norway, Gonix: channels from Croatia and ozTivo: channels from Australia

With the WinTVCap_GUI-Scheduler2 Plugin you can schedule programs for recording direct from the TV-Browser program table. It's easy to setup and you only have to make some small settings.

Installation of the plugin

You can easily install the Plugin by selecting the entry Install/Update Plugins... from the TV-Browser Plugins menu. You will receive a list with all available Plugins. In that list you select the entry WinTVCap_GUI-Scheduler2 and press on the button Download selected plugins.

Setup of the plugins

Before you setup the plugin you will have to done the setup of WinTVCap_GUI itself. That especially means that you have to entered the channels in the WinTVCap.ini. That's necessary because the plugin will load the channels from there.

When the plugin finds a supported version of WinTVCap_GUI it will try to load and assiociate the channels. Sometimes the plugin could not be able to assiociate some channels so you will have to check the assiocation, therefor you will get the following dialog:

Picture of the settings dialog.

You wil reach the channel setting when you click on the button Open channel settings now:

Picture of the settings dialog.

As you see the most channels were successfully assiocated only ProSieben and Kabel 1 could not be found. So you have to do it manually. Therefor you have to left double click the table cell you want to change. You will get a list with all available channel from which you can select the right channel.

The plugin will be configured after all channels were assiociated correctly. You will now be able to schedule recordings. On the tab Basic settings you can make some settings that can be usefull to get the whole program recorded like pre start time.

You also can enter the recording setting under Profile settings for TV-Browser filter. For instance for programs that run at night time and will need more pre start time.

The marking color of programs that were marked by the plugin can be selected under Highlighting.

Scheduling of recordings

To schedule a recording you right click on the wanted program in TV-Browser. You will get a context menu for selecting the wanted action:

Picture of the settings dialog.

If WinTVCap_GUI finds a collision with other tasks you will get an info message.

Scheduled programs can be viewed in the Tree view:

Picture of the settings dialog.